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Friend Quest 7
16-bit RPG I made as a gift for my friends.

Some of the assets I created based on my buddies.


The game was hidden on a micro SD card that fit in the slot of a floppy disc. Jeremy shaved them down to the exact size! The design of the packaging references Doom labels to help sell the era.


Here's the packaging that I created to present the gift in. One side of the sleeve contains the floppy and the other an instruction manual with a larger print of the cover on the back.

Screen from the intro movie. The friends get zapped into a computer.

Play the game here, just don't expect to get all the inside jokes!

Role: Writing, Character Design, Animation
Date: Winter 2011
Timeline: Created over 1.5 months
Partner: Jeremy Abel (Dev, UI design, Game design)


For the 2011 holidays I made an 8-bit RPG with Jeremy Abel. We delivered the game to our buds on floppy discs (with micro flash drives hidden in the disc!), each recieving a customized game where they play as themselves. They have been sucked into the computer and quest to escape in classic gaming style.