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This site was built with Indexhibit in 2008. Like Larry King, it ain't ever quiting.

Wired Digital: What's Inside
Pitch for interactive form of Wired magazine created in two days.

Firstborn issued a design challenge to RIT students for Industry Day 2010 to translate a magazine article to the digital realm.
I choose to translate "What's Inside" from Wired magazine to the iPad/web.


Users view the ingredients by mousing over the image to reveal it's composition underneath. For the iPad the size of the mask would be relative to pressure.



Color/dates update to the issue styles.


Guessing game for product by searching for hints and ingredients.


Data visualization using the back issue copy. Here the colored stripes correspond to individual ingredients. On mouse over of the name (Thmol) or the stripe, the number of times used shall be revealed.


Role: Conception, Design
Assignment: To take a magazine article and translate it to the digital realm.
Project Timeline: 2 days.
Photography and Copy Credit: Wired magazine


My chief goal for the design was to keep consistent with the system that Wired uses and not creating a site/app that requires extra content. Thus the data and game both use available copy, the imagery uses the full page photography and graphic elements in the magazine. Including the past issues would be fairly simple, not requiring any new design. The most significant change I did was to replace the copy font's Exchange and Forza with Georgia and Verdana (to be more legible for screen).

The interaction design encourages the user to actively explore the image either with their mouse or their finger while giving the option of more straight forward navigation.