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Cannibalism in Red White and Blue
Final short of my human sacrifice series. Exciting finale!

Also available on Vimeo and in Higher Quality.

Role: Everything
Goal: To experiment with character animation.
Project Timeline: 5 weeks
Date: Summer 2009


This project started out as a simple test and expanded into a finished short. I largely kept the design, story, and animation fairly intuitive, pulling from my sketch book for inspiration. Most of the production time ended up being coloring every frame with gradients. During production I noticed that the theme of human sacrifice had appeared in my Fancy TV spot and also my RIT Viral and thus started to pull this in a resolving direction. In my first short (Fancy TV), primitive man is sacrificed for God. In the second (RIT Viral), man is sacrificed to a monster. In this short, man is sacrificed for man, ultimately leading to retribution.


Here is a test animation I did when I thought of the inner blob animation concept used in the ghost. I did this one evening to see how well I could transition between a simple form and a complex character while maintaining the rule that inner colors could not escape their containing color.