Evan Anthony

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Google Assistant
Animating the Google Assistant and rebrand.

I was tasked with adding personality to the Google Assistant.

I also helped animate the voice flow affordance.

I worked with a team of animators to explore a range of possible actions.

Role: Animation, Art Direction
Studio: Google Creative Lab
Creative Direction: Jonathan Jarvis
Date : Spring 2016


While at Google Creative Lab, I worked with a team of animators and designers to bring Googles rebrand to life. I was tasked with exploring how the new dots might move with personality, discovering opportunities for humor and story with such simple graphic elements. I concepted, animated, and art directed a collection of animated sketches to populate an internal warehouse of dot animations. I worked with Casey Drogin, Mixtape Club, and NOMINT to explore a range of dot animations.

In addition, I worked with Adam Grabowski to create an internal style guide for how the dots would move and I worked with the voice search team to animate the voice accordance.