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This site was built with Indexhibit in 2008. Like Larry King, it ain't ever quiting.

RIT Viral Spots
Parts for a viral video for RIT made with Jeremy Abel and Asa Alger.

Also available on Vimeo.

For this segment I created two sock puppets, made a ball gag, painted my hand like bone and guts. OH THE THINGS I HAVE TO DO FOR SCHOOL!?

Also available on Vimeo.

Also available on Vimeo.

Also available on Vimeo.

I created a shoebox diorama and some stick puppets. Experimenting with non-animation, metallic markers, glitter, and love.

Here is the full 6 minutes of awesome. ehnjoi >:(

Role: Conception, Design, Animation
Assignment: To create a short emphasizing social commentary using only cubes as characters.
Project Timeline: 4 weeks
Date: Spring 2009
Teammates: Jeremy Abel and Asa Alger


Working with Asa and Jeremy, we quickly decided we wanted to do something humorous for the viral. We ended up going for a Robot Chicken-esque series of quick segments to achieve this. The story is of a student arriving at RIT and being launched into the INSANITY that is an RIT education. We loosely based the segments on Joseph Campbell's Heroes Cycle to provide some structure to the experience. When the student finishes school and starts employment he finds that he won't have the same experience as at RIT. I decided I wanted to do all hand made puppetry and stop motion. Designing, building, shooting, and composting a segment in a week was a lot of work but some of the most fun I've ever had!