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The Precipice
Experimental lighting and narrative based on the technological singularity.

Also available on Vimeo and in Full Quality.

Role: Everything
Assignment: Tell a narrative.
Project Timeline: 4 weeks
Date: Spring 2009
Music Credit: Half Life 2 Episode 1 Soundtrack


For this assignment I choose to create an abstract narrative about the singularity. At the time I had become very interested in the predictions of Ray Kurzweil and the development of seed AI as well as the concept of the sublime. Thus I created a narrative where the representation of technology leaves the office and expands throughout the world, subtly changing it in the process, and anticipating the monumental shift in society to come.

I had wanted to experiment with lighting for a while and this was the perfect opportunity. I created an illuminated cylinder out of rolled paper and a Maglite and took a series of long exposure photographs with varying light set ups. To increase the sense of the sublime I increasingly mimic tilt shift photography as the shots get progressively further back. I found the quote after I had created this piece. Luck!