Index of the Profane
Experiential timeline of the history of censorship.

*This is only a partial demonstration of the site. Further states illustrated below.*


Preloader becomes censored.

Censored timeline. Title and intro copy is continually redacted and changed. Particles free from the grid have humors captions such as "Authority, yeah I can dig it."

User can choose items from a list or the grid-prison timeline.

Zoom in to view information. Information redacted and altered. Written in support of censorship.

After a preset time or a trigger activated by the user, the option to revert to the uncensored site appears.

Uncensored site version of the site. User is prompted to destroy the censored version.

User writes/scribbles over censored site, leaving the uncensored unmolested. The site reacts, threatens and attempts to persuade user to stop (in a manner similar to HAL or GLaDOS).

User rewarded with congratulations. Option given to "simulate" the censored version.

User now can see the content.

Role: Everything
Assignment: To create an interactive timeline.
Project Timeline: 5 weeks

For this assignment I decided that not only should the site relay functional information, but it should provide an experience and story. Thus the site itself is an instrument of censorship which must be defeated.


Design Document

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