Yield for Tomorrow
Title sequence for a fictional bioengineering drama.

Also available on Vimeo and in Higher Quality.

Role: Everything
Assignment: To create a title sequence for a fictional television show.
Music Credit: Gnossiennes by Erik Satie


For this assignment I choose to create a title sequence for a drama about the science of bioengineering of crops. At the time I had become interested in Norman Borlaug and genetically engineered crops and thus decided to create a show based on this fascination.
The solution that I arrived at was to briefly tell the story of the development of a GM crop. Starting with a seed planted into the soil, the title sequence walks through the steps of identifying superior specimens, splicing DNA, and the iterative/experimental nature of the science.
The aesthetic design of the piece was driven by the scientific nature of the program while attempting to not lose sight of the organic. I have limited myself to only four graphic elements (circle, diamond, line, and green hatching), implying the AGTC components of DNA. Likewise the typography begins unsequenced and is then discovered. The design is kept graphic and scientific while the motion is allowed to breath.
I choose a selection from Erik Satie's Gnossiennes to match the quiet sophistication I was aiming for. This is definitely one of those instances where the music is more than 50% of the experience.


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