A large format timeline visualization of a migraine made with Processing and Photoshop.

Higher Resolution

Role: Everything
Assignment: To create a large format piece of art inspired using Processing.
Date: Spring 2010


I get migraines with auras every couple months and I decided to draw on this very vivid and painful experience for this assignment. I began by researching migraines for their triggers, physiological symptoms, rarity, and their distinct phases as well as writing my personal experience down. From this personal and scientific information I determined it would be interesting to visualize the distinct phases of one of my migraines.

I created the graphics using particle systems in Processing. The Pain Phase graphics are controlled by the user, and I created a couple dozen variations looking for the best generation. Taking in the different elements into Photoshop, I laid out the composition, added the self portrait photography, and edited the Processing output.

PS: I don't mind the migraines. I'm assuming they're just indications of my latent psychic ability so that's pretty sweet.


 Moodboard / Inspiration     
 Casket Box Light Studio!   I needed more light.  
 Monkeying around in Processing     
 Pain Phase Visualization Test