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Art and Sound of Tennis

Concept style frames.

Particle system documentation.

Interface animation.

Role: Design, Animation
Studio: Red Paper Heart
Creative Direction: Zander Brimijoin
Creative Technologist: Adria Navarro, Daniel Scheibel, William Lindmeier
Fabricator: Maxine Kim
Producer: Kim Robinson

The Art & Sound of Tennis was an interactive installation created for the 2013 US Open that invited fans to participate in the creation of abstract generative art. The ‘Art & Sound of Tennis’ had two participants per session standing before a 30' LED screen equipped with customized racquets. The swings of their racquets were tracked with motion sensors, generating a tennis-themed abstract art visualization and soundscape. Upon completion, participants were invited to have a photo taken. A custom-built ‘photobooth’ super-imposed the generated artwork on a frame in their hands and snapped a picture. Their digital photo was immediately available for sharing through social networks. Over the course of the US Open, over 10,000 participants engaged with the installation.

I created studies in Cinema 4D of how the generative assets might appear, worked with the creative technologists to determine how the data could drive the generative system, and animated all the UI elements of the installation.