Evan Anthony | Design + Direction

About Evan
I'm a generalist passionate about design, animation, code, and craft be it for interactive, broadcast, installation, or print.
After creating my first animation and code on a TI-83+graphing calculator, I haven't stopped experimenting with media.

Quick Facts
- Childhood spent in a funeral home.
- Graduated from RIT New Media Design in 2010.
- Moved to NYC and worked/freelanced at many inspiring studios.
- Founded Feral Cat Den with Jeremy Abel in 2016 to make Genesis Noir.
- Currently developing new worlds that blend art, history, and science into idiosyncratic extravagance.

Want to collaborate or got something to share?
Don't hesitate to email at evan.b.anthony@gmail.com.

Select Press
The New Yorker | VICE | Art News | The Guardian | Washington Post | Eurogamer | Inverse | Destructoid | Paste | The Atlantic | Rock Paper Shotgun | Telegraph | Motionographer

BAFTA Nominated | IGF Winner | BIG Winner | NY Game Awards Nominated | Golden Joystick Nomainted

Miscellaneous Links
Demo Reel - 2017 | Collaborators | Previous Website (busted atm lol)

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